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Training, Resources and Applications for eBay and Amazon Sellers!

Mastering eBay and Amazon Can Be Fun, Easy and Profitable!

The Blueprint Mastermind is a collection of the top minds in eCommerce, who have put together a system of Video Training Courses, Product Resources and Business / Productivity applications that when combined provide you a customized system for learning and mastering these systems. This is the Blueprint Mastermind system.Just inside is everything you will ever need to get your eBay or Amazon business started, and running efficiently. Helping you make profit is our business, and business is GOOD!

How We Do It

We Combine the BEST of Online Training, Resources and Applications to Serve Online Sellers!

Effective and Thorough Video Training Courses

Hundreds of well organized, easy to understand training videos to provide you with all the step by step instructions you will need to conquer ANY part of eBay or Amazon.

Product Resouces For Your Business

Dropshippers, Wholesale Goods, Overseas manufacturers, Big box retailers and More are all at your disposal!

An Active Social Network Of Sellers

Not only do we have an active provate facebook group, but an internal social network for members only as well! Connect with your peers!

Expert Guidance

Our Learning systems and resrouces were all designed or used by real successful eCommerce Businss Owners. learn to replicate their success!

Store Credit and Financing

Need help getting started? No Problem! We have Financing resources who work with online business owners!

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See What People Are Saying, or Tell Us About YOUR Experience!

  • Went to bed at 4am. 15 boxes being shipped our today. Another 100 items going out today. Scott told me I was going to run out of inventory. I should have listened. Now I'm rushing trying to get inventory to amazon.

    393359_2704263219765_1953964101_n Cedric Carr
  • Within 60 Days, I was making $500.00 in Profit per week. Within 120 days, I could quit my moderately “well paying” day job.120 days….From Cubicle to Kitchen Table. I don’t even have a home office.And it gets better, with no “day Job” Not only do I not need day care, babysitter, etc, I get to spend MOST of my day with my family. The money makes itself. As long as I run my business according to the blueprint, life has become a great adventure again. When they say “Follow Instructions, Make Money” They mean it.

    Business_07_24909c-300x199 Janet Blum
  • Morning and Blessings all. I wanna say thank you and God Bless. I sold my first item. It was ready to sell Thursday now an item sold. Thank you amazon done for you. Jeris A Coleman Scott Rogers thanks Ginny and Jeni

    10410990_10203016516275673_7775922716177000278_n-300x300 Andrea T. Lashley
  • Boom! 3 days - 3 sales! Can't quit my day job yet, but I see potential. Gotta love this Amazon Done for you!

    10639585_456483927826284_4403163103753571117_n Stephen Rizzotto
  • I followed the Blueprint and ended the month of January far better than I thought I would, over 90 items sold. As of today, February 6, 2014 at 10 pm est I have 83 items sold. The knowledge and support I have gained in the past month from the eBay Blueprint courses and coaching have enhance my previous eBay training. I am looking forward to achieving Silver Power Seller status very soon.

    599734_10151501272191912_259431942_n-300x300 Kendra Carter
  • After working really hard since march and only originally investing £300, november looks like I will turn over £10000 for the first time. Hard work and dedication pays off

    1898240_10152246749058909_2093240162_n Jaake Tod
  • THANK YOU EBAY!! I can't believe I almost stopped dropshipping on ebay recently.. but this weekend was INSANE ... thank GOD I have people helping me run the account or I would be crying in the corner with a pile of money.. wondering how the hell I am going to complete all these orders.

    10801632_10202911781742731_2156242973915949400_n Joel Mullins
  • I am tearing FBA up!!!! Thank you Blueprint and Done for You

    10487342_10152606530357988_7180045861154968712_n Anne Pierson
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